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Technology Transfer

Talking about technology transfer in a highly competitive business environment nowadays seems to be strange as many leading industrial enterprises are carefully looking after their technological...

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Gas Turbine Testing

Gas turbines are one of the main power generation resources in various industries. Analysis of gas turbines performance has been a high level and strategic know-how in the recent years due to...

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DAQ Systems and Solutions

Data acquisition as the process of measuring electrical or physical parameters is a crucial part of engineering projects. Handling the big data in gas turbine testing projects requires careful...

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Multi-hole Probes

Multi-hole probes represent a durable and economic option to measure different parameters including flow angles and total and static pressures in complex flow environments...

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Pressure Scanner

Representing the forefront of pressure measurement technology, pressure scanner is ideal for measuring gas pressure in turbine engine and air engine testing applications where ambient temperatures...

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Traverse System

Traverse system is needed to move the probes in moveable measurement applications. We are capable in designing traverse systems tailored to the customers’ requirements considering the geometry...

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Fluid dynamic simulation

A team of professionals and experts carefully manages customer’s requirements for ANALYSIS & SIMULATION. We will work to understand your problems and assess how we can help you along the process of...

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Blade Refurbishment

Our engineers, in collaboration with our Partners, use the best manufacturing and repair technologies to refurbish gas turbine (both land-based industrial and civil aviation machines) parts...

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About Us

With a highly educated and professional experienced technical team, PESG is involved in gas turbine industry projects with strong mutual cooperation with international partners.

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