Multi-hole Probes


Multi-hole probes represent a durable and economic option to measure different parameters including flow angles and total and static pressures in complex flow environments.

Based on our experiences we are a reliable partner to help the customers find the optimum design for the multi-hole probes. Considering the flow regime, initial simulation of flow streamlines and the variation of flow characteristics in different sections, the criteria for designing multi-hole probe can be defined and this device can be used to measure total pressure, static pressure, Mach number and flow angles with high accuracy. The design process includes definition of number of pipes for pressure measurement, inclination of the holes, probe head sizes and stem shape and diameter.

We are able to manufacture, supply and calibrate the multi-hole probes in accordance with the design process which has been done to meet the customers’ requirement.

Traverse system is needed if the multi-hole probes are used for moveable measurement and in order to increase the accuracy of the measurement, using pressure scanners is recommended.

multi hole probesmulti hole probes