Fluid dynamic simulation


A team of professionals and experts carefully manages customer’s requirements for ANALYSIS & SIMULATION. We will work to understand your problems and assess how we can help you along the process of achieving your objectives. Our focus will be on your needs and available resources. We treat our clients as partners and will therefore involve you in all aspects of your project. By working in such a synergy and developing a strong relationship, we will also share our know-how with you.


We have an experience in designing across several applications within the energy sectors:

Gas Turbines

Wind Turbines

Burners and Combustion Chambers

Industrial Boilers

Industrial Valves


We are qualified to provide CFD analysis services for an entire scope of fluid flow and related problems. Simple or complex geometries can be studied with a steady-state or transient analysis. Incompressible or compressible flows with or without the effects of viscosity can be readily analyzed, including the effects of heat transfer and convection. Rotating and translating components can also be effectively modeled and analyzed.


Our Services



CAD Model Cleaning and Mesh Generation (fixed and rotating reference frames)

2D and 3D Models

Machine Characteristic Prediction

Axial & Radial Machinery Design & Analysis

Fan, Pump & Rotor Design & Analysis

Aircraft Wing & Body Analysis

External Vehicle Aerodynamics

Wind Turbine Blade Design & Wind-Farm Analysis

Building & Structure Wind Loading (Vortex Shedding)

Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI)



Fuel-Oxidizer Mixing Analysis

Flame Shape & Dimension Analysis

Spray Injection Combustion

Pollutant & Smoke Emissions Analysis

Combustion Efficiency Evaluation

Thermo-Acoustic Instabilities Analysis (Humming)


Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer Analysis

Radiative, Convective and Conductive Thermal Loads Evaluation

Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis (Fluid-Solid & Solid-Solid)